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Are LeisureCards transferable?2019-02-04T22:02:24-05:00

No, the cards are strictly non-transferable. They are printed with your name on it and can only be used in conjunction with a valid phot ID. Thus, unfortunately, the LeisureCard cannot be loaned to friends or family members. The card/ mobile card is, however, valid for you and one additional guest.

How do I join the Program?2019-02-04T22:03:06-05:00

We would love to have you as part the LeisureCard family!

Click here to sign up for your own LeisureCard. It only takes a couple of minutes!

Does LeisureCard have a mobile application?2019-02-04T22:04:22-05:00

We are currently working on developing a mobile application that will soon be available. For now, you can download our mobile website to your phone to take advantage of your membership and find partners in your area. Our mobile website navigates just like a mobile application.

How do I find out about new partners joining the program?2019-02-04T22:05:22-05:00

Our website, LeisureCard.com, is fully up-to- date with all of the offers currently available. The number of participating partners is constantly growing, but you can stay informed by visiting our website and signing up for our newsletter, which will be emailed to you detailing new partners that have joined and their offers.

When you are out and about, our mobile website will aid in finding the perfect place to enjoy with your partner, or a good friend. You should also follow us on social media to get the latest news of what’s going on in the LeisureCard network.

What happens when I lose my membership card?2019-02-04T22:06:50-05:00

If you lose your LeisureCard, we will provide you with a replacement card for a $15 administrative fee. Just go to www.LeisureCard.com and purchase your replacement card. If you need assistance, please email our customer service team at info@LeisureCard.com, chat with one of our team members using the chat function on our website, or call us at 1-833-MY-LEISURE (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat-Sun:10am-4pm). Note that replacement cards are issued with the original expiration date of the lost membership card.

Alternatively you can use the digital LeisureCard by using our mobile website on your mobile device, which can be presented in place of the physical card.

How do I update my contact information?2019-02-04T22:07:41-05:00

Members can update their details under the “MyAccount” section on LeisureCard.com. Alternatively, please contact our friendly and helpful customer service team (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat-Sun:10am-4pm) over the phone at 1-833-MY-LEISURE, or email the changes to info@LeisureCard.com mentioning your full name membership number, and expiration date of your card.

How long does it take for me to receive my LeisureCard?2019-02-04T22:09:13-05:00

You will receive instant access to your LeisureCard membership on our mobile website from your phone. We strive to process orders as soon as they come in and mail out membership card on the same day of the order. If you choose the US postal service free standard delivery option, we estimate delivery to take 3-5 working days. If you choose the priority shipping option, your order should arrive within 1-3 business days.

Can I buy a membership as a gift for someone else?2019-02-04T22:10:02-05:00

Yes! You can purchase memberships for your loved ones. Just check-mark the gift option during the checkout process and input the recipients email address. We will do the rest and send the recipient an email with on-boarding instructions. We will even add a personalized greeting of your choice, gift wrap the membership card, and deliver it directly to the recipient for you!

We offer the gift membership only for the annual subscription.

How do I cancel my membership?2019-02-04T22:10:49-05:00

If you do not wish to renew your membership, you can cancel your membership the the “MyAccount” section on www.LeisureCard.com, or contact us via email at info@LeisureCard.com, or by phone at 1-833-MY-LEISURE (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat-Sun:10am-4pm) at any point in time within your 12 month membership period, but no later than 5pm on the working day, preceding your renewal date. Please refer to LeisureCard’s Terms and Conditions for full details of your renewal date. Please note that the membership fee is not refundable once a membership card has been issued.

Can I recommend a business to LeisureCard?2019-02-04T22:11:57-05:00

Yes! If you know of a potential partner that you think would fit our concept, we would love to hear from you! We are constantly looking for new partners and want to offer our members a great variety of partners. Please submit your recommendations to info@leisurecard.com.

Why do some partners require reservations?2019-02-04T22:14:27-05:00

Some of our partners get really busy and want to ensure that there is availability at their establishment to ensure customer satisfaction. It is also easier for some partners’ POS systems to apply the discount before the first order is placed. Thus, members making reservations gives our partners a heads up and again improves the customer experience.

Please note that reservation should be made at least 2 hours prior to your estimated arrival time (it’s at the partners’ discretion to accept later reservations). Our partners are under no obligation to offer the membership discounts to members, who did not make reservations for offerings that require reservations.

Is the use of LeisureCard limited?2019-02-04T22:17:30-05:00

No, you can take advantage of the discounts as many times as you want without limits.

Why do businesses offer such large discounts?2019-02-04T22:15:43-05:00

LeisureCard is a closed community. Thus, our partners maintain a strong pricing strategy. The ethos of LeisureCard is to make leisure activities more affordable and therefore it is encouraging people to go out more frequently. It’s a win-win for our members and partners. Additionally, our partners benefit from the free marketing we provide to participating businesses.

Do LeisureCard discounts apply to takeouts and deliveries?2019-02-04T22:19:53-05:00

Unfortunately, LeisureCard discounts do not apply to takeaways or deliveries. Members must dine in the restaurant to receive the discount.

A restaurant on your website is closed down. Why is this still appearing?2019-02-04T22:21:45-05:00

We rely on our participating partners to contact us if they wish to be removed from the LeisureCard website. If you are aware of any partner that is no longer accepting the discount, please contact our dedicated team at info@LeisureCard.com. We would love to hear from you!

Why was gratuity charged on the non-discounted price?2019-02-04T22:23:33-05:00

LeisureCard discounts only apply to the products and/or services that you are purchasing. The discounts do not apply to gratuity because the service that you receive is the same as it would be for a full paying customer. Therefore, any service charge will be applied prior to any discount being deducted.

Why didn’t the discount apply to the entire bill?2019-02-04T22:24:22-05:00

LeisureCard discounts apply only to the partner specific offerings. Please visit https://www.leisurecard.com/search-partners/ to find participating businesses and their offerings.

Do the discounts apply to platters/ dishes shared by more than 2 people?2019-02-04T22:26:09-05:00

LeisureCard discounts only apply to the LeisureCard member and one additional guest. When dishes at restaurants (like appetizers) are shared with larger groups than two, the LeisureCard discount does not apply, unless specifically stated on our partners’ page on LeisureCard.com.

Can I use LeisureCard by myself?2019-02-04T22:27:05-05:00

Yes, you can take advantage of the 50% off discount at all of our participating partners; however the 2 for 1 offer does require either 2 people for the discount to be applied, or the purchase of multiple goods and/or services.

What are the average savings each time I use LeisureCard?2019-02-04T22:29:02-05:00

It depends where you go and if you are taking advantage of the discounts by yourself or in a group. Research shows that the average savings are around $15-20 each time the card is used.

What offers are available to LeisureCard members?2019-02-04T22:01:22-05:00

Our partners offer only two types of discounts:

50% OFF
The discount applies to the member and one additional guest of choice.

2:1/ BOGO (Buy One Get One Free)
With the purchase of two products and/or services, members get the lower priced item for free. This offer requires the purchase of two items and can be used by the member and one additional guest.

What is LeisureCard?2017-05-03T05:43:38-05:00

LeisureCard is a membership program that partners with local business in the restaurant, bar, night life, sports & entertainment, and other industries to offer its members huge savings every time they purchase goods and/or services offered by the participating partners. Each member receives a personalized membership card, which he or she shows at the many participating partners’ businesses to receive 50 percent discounts or Two-for-One deals.


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